The IEAGHG 3rd Social Research Network Meeting was held in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia, 12-13 Avril 2012. About 40 researchers from Australia, Europe, North America and Japan convened to present the latest research results, methods and projects in the field. I came back from the meeting with ideas for several research papers, a renewed interest in causality, and a few new concepts. Here are four of those.

Social License to Operate
The Social License has been defined as existing when a project has the ongoing approval within the local community and other stakeholders, ongoing approval or broad social acceptance and, most frequently, as ongoing acceptance. Source: Variantes: social license to authorize (when there is a problem, it's the regulating agency which gets dissolved not the corporation). Social license to expand.
Cognitive Closure
A desire for definite knowledge on some issue and the eschewal of confusion and ambiguity. Source: wikipedia. The term became popular in the 1990s due to its use in the popular media. Normal people don't have that about CCS.
Focus Event
A social tipping point.
Mediation analysis
The part of Statistics which allow to check if the direct influence A->B is stronger or not than the indirect influence A->C->B. Used a lot in experimental psychology. For larger causal graphs, see J. Pearl.